When not Night, 2007-ongoing, Photographs, various size.
Basically, a ghost story. A story of a memory that flickers, waves and then fails until the final curtain. Black screen.

This could be the story of a man trying to remember his wife and struggling with ruins, with scraps.
To this man, there are only a few fleeting images left, a misty scene in which he returns as in a chapel, he revisits tirelessly and tries to recall through writing, day after day. Words as a salvation, a way to survive to the lack and absence, and he persists in writing what he sees as not to forget. The result, however, is a non-description, closer to the mental imagery. This story, narrated by Samuel Beckett in his book Ill Seen, Ill Said, is at the basis of Aline Biasutto'project, she tries to adapt here.

"It is evening. It will always be in the evening. When not at night." This sentence from the book finds its echo in Aline Biasutto's "images limits", these photographs before the night (black), whose stand at the edge of the visible, just before the silence. Where Beckett';s words stop against the real, the artist questions the potential strength of the image. Since "being is being perceived"; (Berkeley), how to create;a form decaying real through pictures? When not night attempts to question the limits of the visible and highlight the gap between memory, image and interpretation.

Alexandra Delage, January 2011.