The Logical Revolts, 2010-2017, Drawings, pencil on paper, 152 x 215 cm.

An ensemble of drawings made as performances compounds the logical revolts. The drawing covers all the surface by red pencil. Each drawing is seen separately. Each line is of one centimeter high. There is a wish of uniformitarian and equality of the gesture. In the performance, the gesture becomes alienating.
Covering the surface creates the sentence excerpted from writings, quotations, and speeches of socialists: Leon Blum, Friedrich Engels, Ernesto Guevara, François Mitterrand and Helio Oiticica.

The logical revolt, after Jello Biafra: I do not hate the media, I become the media.
The logical revolt, after Leon Blum: I believe because I hope.
The logical revolt, after Friedrich Engels: I part from the animal kingdom.
The logical revolt, after Karl Wilhelm von Humboldt: I make infinite use finite media.
The logical revolt, after François Mitterrand: I want to live and I want to live free.
The logical revolt, after Helio Oiticica: I am a marginal I am a heroine.
The logical revolt, after Aby Warburg: Where I find my own ignorance, I am fighting.

The wish for freedom and resistance characterizes those sentences; it goes beyond the partisan socialism.
They witness a universal search for an ideal. I appropriate myself those excerpts giving them the first person. The tension that rises between this wish and the alienation of the gesture highlights the impossibility of their reality. Drawn in the shape, they become a slogan that seems clueless but necessary to the human condition.
These drawings are a proposal for a response to the question: “ how the gestures of a body convert themselves from submission to resistance” and take “a certain measure of the impossible”.