Comments, 2008, serie of 100 prints, from A4 to A0.
The violent reactions that are shown on Internet like in a new space of freedoms are directed against a system of power. These are speeches of revolt but they are in an observation of an event that is already done and already said.
Comments are series of 100 excerpts of comments left on You Tube after the independence of Kosovo, declared on February 17th, 2008. These quotations are introduced by Internet users nicknames. The sentences cut the same pattern of landscape, which is repeated systematically. This landscape is an undefined and a common place.These comments are the reactions to one single event: the self declared independence of Kosovo and they produce themselves in the piece, an event of speaking.The systematic repetitions of the editing, the body and the font of the text unify the division of reactions. All these reactions are proposed in a standard format from A4 to A0, depending of the space of exhibition. The systematization and the work in series are processes that are part of the work.
These processes build a grid that allows the lecture of the speaking whom became writing.
In this social mimesis, these comments are questioning the writing of history and the pictures we are given to see.
Which are those images we are given to watch and what are we looking at? How are they significant?