Virginie Lauvergne on The Sirens Chant, April 2013

The Sirens Chant is a hypnotic and meditative animation. Respirations and refrains, this swell and unstable and malleable contours of this Mediterranean act as aspirations, fleeting and uncertain elk, hugs and hopes that fail, drowning in the froth, or are carried by it to achieve another absolute, other bastions of freedom, other shores of sensuality ...
The image of the boat is very strong, the one of the Mediterranean borders too. Repeating its resurgence of the scum and its collapse provides an abstract geopolitical dimension to this model, in this fertile and vain both entity.
There is something that is going nowhere. Yet a small skiff risk carried by the din of the sea, this crossing in this Mediterranean both close on itself and open to the depths of time, the stars and the knowledge that has transformed its depths in silt for thought for the future of man.

Virginie Lauvergne, Art critic, April 2013.