Juan Luis Toboso on The Logical Revolts, October 2014

History may not repeat itself but does rhyme, and every gloss by a deconstructionist need not to be a loss, pushing us further into an abyss of skepticism and indeterminacy.
Joseph Anthony Wittreich, Feminist Milton, Cornell University Press, p. 198.

When we speak of potentiality we are talking at the same time desire. And not just an unconscious, dark desire, but even a will to change certain things in a proactive approach where the status of the object and gesture are filled with new possibilities. And if these opportunities are able to change shape, too, can change the impact and experience of the world, like a body where everything affects you shown us inside out.
(...) And if there is some surprise in the transformation of materials, there are also concerns in the world belonging to the mind. Aline Biasutto plays with intervals that can be found between what we read and what remains to be explicated. The relationship between word and thought appears as matter itself. Isolated, ideas emerge as monumental actions, but also as a reminder of the need for that interval which favors the appearance of an emerging potential. Meanings, behind the words flickering, , are thrown us as a shout. (...)

Juan Luis Toboso
PhD in Polytechnic University of Valencia.ES
Research Fellow in Gulbenkian Fundation, Lisbon.PT

Text written in the framework of the exhibition Structure, Object, Matter... Action! at La Conservera, Ceuti-Murcia, Oct. 2014-Jan 2015.